2019 Season Registration Opening This Week

Our Professional Courses

Professional avalanche worker training for the 2019 season!  The new Pro Training Progression offers valuable, relevant skill development for avalanche workers at a variety of points in their careers.

Pro 1

Pro 1 is designed for avalanche workers just starting in the field. Learn the important fundamentals of managing avalanches as well as how to recognize and travel through avalanche terrain. Read full description here.

Pro Avalanche Rescue

This course introduces the student to “the state of the art” in avalanche rescue for the professional. This course is intended for any avalanche professional and rescuers who will encounter avalanche rescue. More information can be found here.

Pro 1 Bridge Exam

The Pro 1 Bridge Exam is an opportunity for those who have completed an Level 2 avalanche course prior to 2017/2018 and would like to have Professional Level 1 equivalency. More information can be found here.

Avalanche Mapping

This Continuing Development course teaches avalanche professionals what GIS can do and how they can apply the technology to understanding and monitoring avalanches. Read full description here.

Pro 2

The Pro 2 is the capstone course for Avalanche Professionals.  Designed to meet their needs for managing avalanches and to go deeper with their avalanche terrain knowledge. More information can be found here.

Mountain Weather

Designed for avalanche practitioners looking for a better understanding of meteorological principles applied to weather in mountainous areas and using publicly available weather information to create a local forecasts. Read full description here.

Want to Learn More?

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