Whether you call Silverton home, visit each season, are getting stoked for your first trip, or you just want to learn more about snow and avalanche phenomena, a 2020/21 FoSAS membership is full of essential goodies and a guaranteed value add for any backcountry enthusiast.

What's included?


  • Free Access Code for enrollment in one, online SAS Awareness Program
  • 15% off any One Day Rescue-$127.50
  • 10% off any Rec Level One- $405
  • 10 Issues of The STELLAR
  • Proprietary Admission* to The SNOWPIT
  • SAS ATL updates from Strugi the Drone
  • Push notifications for #AvyNuggets and all of SAS’s social events, programming announcements and online happenings.

  •      Discounted admission/advance ticket sales for November 2020, Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Virtual Workshop (4SAW online)
  • 2020-2021 FoSAS Digital Membership Card
  • SAS Online Store Discounts and Promotions
  • Deals and Discounts with SAS Partner Organizations.
  • Pro Program Discounts and Benefits
  • Additional Discounts on Continuing Education at Silverton Avalanche School
  • All for $35 a year

Strugi the Drone



Meet Strugi, Silverton Avalanche School’s drone and the airborne artist behind SAS ATL. Every month, Strugi and his team will be flying over the passes, prominent zones and iconic locations within the greatest range in the contiguous US. 

Augment your current  hacks of CDOT traffic cams, social media recon and last weekend’s shaky GoPro footy with an actual eye in the sky. SAS Above Tree Line will be flying over the range, scoping the classic lines, bowls and zones; providing you a real time view of our home turf. Now that’s an advantage!