Avalanche Education Working Group

This is an alliance of Avalanche Professionals who work together to create the most up to date avalanche education in the US.

Since 1962, the Silverton Avalanche School has educated backcountry travelers about the hazards of the mountains. As the oldest, continuously operating avalanche education program in the United States, the Silverton Avalanche School is dedicated to training, educating and empowering recreationalists & professionals with the tools, techniques and technologies to make safer decisions in consequential mountain terrain.

When it comes to course venue, instructor quality and educational excellence, there’s a tremendous amount of variability within the avalanche education and snow safety sector. In 2020, Silverton Avalanche School initiated the SAS AVALANCHE EDUCATION WORKING GROUP (SAEWG)

Our vision is to assemble, train, collaborate with and support a cadre of SAS Working Group members, who represent the best avalanche educators and backcountry training programs in the nation. Together, this group is cultivating, researching, testing and refining a template of best practice for recreationalists and snow professionals.

SAS Working Group members and their staff are unmatched in their programmatic and curricular excellence, comprehensive training and certifications, their commitment to learner safety and student success and their ongoing role in shaping the future of avalanche education and backcountry rescue training in the United States. Members of the alliance are involved in several international mountain organizations that help set the guidelines for avalanche professionals and mountain professionals.  

2021 “SAEWG” Members

 SAN JUAN MOUNTAIN GUIDES (founding member)


MOUNTAIN TRIP   (founding member)





Education at the Top

Manuel G workshop

 International Working Group Members