2-Day Backcountry Snowmobile Skills

Course Description

Change your riding!  Learn the backcountry riding skills that make the sport more enjoyable with top pro/instructor Tony Jenkins.  Our goal is to increase your confidence and skills with a fun learning progression.

  • Setting up your snowmobile for your body profile and why.
  • Throttle and brake control.
  • Techniques and body position.
  • Being on edge.
  • Downhill u-turns.
  • Choosing lines.
  • When to commit and much more.

Better skills=more fun, more terrain and less getting stuck.

This Two Day Backcountry Snowmobile Skills Class is for more athletic riders who have the energy for two days of riding. First day is refining and learning skills in varied terrain.  Second day is learning more advanced skills and putting those skills to practice by riding different types of terrain.  Very worthwhile.  9am-4pm.  Class will start in open areas and progress to more challenging terrain including tight trees.  

Course Itinerary


0900 – Start safety briefing and introduction along with buddy checks.

0930 – 1000 – Setting your snowmobile up for your body profile and why.

1000 – 1030 – Head out to desired location.

1030 – 1130 – Go over technique and body position. Downhill U-turns.

1130 – 1230 – (Practice), Instructors will assist one on one.

Lunch and review

1330 – 1430 – Move to new location with steeper terrain and go over being on edge is in control. (Practice) Side hilling.

1430 – 1630 – Throttle control and brake control.

1630 – Review and questions

Course Itinerary


0930 – Safety briefing and review along with buddy checks.

1000 -1100 – Ride to location utilizing skills in terrain.

1100 – 1230 – Uphill switchbacks. Tree riding. Demonstrate and practice.

1230 – 1300 – Lunch

1300 – 1400 – How to choose your line and to when to commit.

1400 – 1500 – Work one on one with Tony if needed.

1500 – 1630 – Put all of our skills to test.

What to bring:

  • A working snowmobile. Lol.  Please go through your sled and test ride before attending.
  • Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe.  If you do not have, we can supply.  Let us know.
  • Food, water, snacks.  We will be out all day.
  • Two pairs of gloves.
  • Face protection.
  • Extra layers.
  • All survival and avalanche gear should be in a back pack.

Course Details

Dates Offered: 2017/18 Dates TBA – Stay Tuned!

Cost: $350.

Time:  9:00am -4:00pm Daily