The Bridge Exam

Course Length: ​Minimum 12-16 hours 

We are currently holding Bridge Exams in Colorado, Utah and Idaho.


December 3-4, 2018 at Monarch Mountain, CO

December 11-12, 2018 at Silverton, CO

Jan 26-27 2019 at Powder Mountain, UT

Student: Instructor Ratio:​ 6:1


Send an email to with documentation of the following.  20 documented days in avalanche terrain in 1 season. This can include trip plans, am forms, a letter from a supervisor.

Student Requirements for Enrollment: (Previous Level 2 Graduates/3-5 yr Patrollers or review/Snow Safety Team/Avi Tech/Asst Ski Guides/ Pro observers)

1) Course applicants have completed the following A3-recognized courses prior to enrollment: a) Level 1 Avalanche Fundamentals b) Level 2 Avalanche -Pre 2017

AND 2) At least one winter season (20 days or more) of relevant experience, demonstrated through one of the following: a) Prior avalanche work experience;

OR b) A supervised unpaid work internship in the guiding/avalanche industry supported by a letter of reference

OR c) Winter backcountry travel experience supported by documented trip planning and recorded field observations that contributed to avalanche hazard assessment and personal avalanche risk management.

OR d) Letter of Recommendation from A3 professional member

OR e) A3 Membership (Affiliate or Professional) Learning Outcomes/Student Proficiencies:​ Complete Pro 1 Assessments and establish current understanding of SWAG standards. Marking and Evaluation: ​70% total marks are required to pass the course. In addition, several specific categories require a “categorical pass” of 70% to pass the course; these include station weather observations, snow profiles and snowpack tests, and the written exam.